GraĚźyna Smith - JogaGrazyna Smith (Patwant Kaur)

"I really like a statement of Yogi Bhajan that Kundalini Yoga is a system of yoga for people living nowadays in cities, working and having families. Yogi Bhajan taught that by the right of birth every person has a right to be healthy and happy. You can achieve it by practicing Kundalini Yoga"

Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She graduated from the yearly teaching training with Guru Dharam Singh and Darryl O'Keeff (the authors of a book "Kundalini - the essence of yoga) in Great Britain in June 2006. Since graduating she has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Warsaw. It was Celena Polena, whose classes Grazyna was attending in the Joga Klub between 2004 and 2005, that inspired her to start the instructor™s course. She started her practice from hatha yoga in 1999 in Warsaw. In 2008 studying dance of yoga Shakti Dance “ with Sara Olivier in Italy. Currently she is studying Kundalini Yoga 2nd level. She has been an organiser Teacher Training in Poland for 5 years.

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