Kundalini Yoga, brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, is a simple yogic technique which may be practised by everyone, irrespective of one’s age or one’s physical condition.
Elements which make up the practice:

  • Practice with breathing (pranajama)
  • Practice with body (asanas)
  • Sounds and singing (mantras)
  • Meditations

Due to simultaneous use of the above techniques you gain a tool both for working with your body, mind, senses and emotions. Kundalini is the essence of our power. Wakening and raising this energy integrates the body, mind and soul, which helps us experience full human potential.

What can you achieve by using technique of Kundalini Yoga?

Physical benefits:

you can gain a better physical condition of your organism, stronger and more flexible body, you improve breathing, provide more energy and vitality, help in balancing metabolism, improve  blood circulation system, release tensions, prevent contusions, strengthen your immunological and nervous systems;

mental benefits:

you can experience better concentration, purify the mind, you can learn how to train your mind to be tranquil in everyday life and heighten your self-acceptance and positive thoughts, you also learn how to use neutral mind;


by synchronisation of breathing, movement and tensing your muscles as well as stretching, you  massage internal organs of the body and increase blood circulation. It helps to get rid of toxins and stress gathered in your organism. At the same time maximum nourishing of the organism takes place. All this strengthens and improves vitality and also increases general enthusiasm for life;

spiritual benefits:

you create better awareness of your body, your emotions as well as perceiving the external world and needs of other people, you become able to unite the body, mind and spirit, you improve the quality of your life and become creative and maintain peaceful mind and deepen contact with your real being and enhance your  intuition;

More on Kundalini Yoga and practice find in a book "Kundalini the essence of yoga"
by  Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa and Darryl O′Keeffe, ABA 2004

Kundalini Esencja Jogi

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